Brain-twisting Fun: What Android Puzzle Games to Play in 2018?

Brain-twisting Fun: What Android Puzzle Games to Play in 2018? on Ifvcc Top Blog

So you have great gobs of spare time, a plane flight maybe? And you positively have no idea how to kill it? Well, nothing can be compared to a good brain workout, especially if it's funny and enjoyable. Most of them do not require internet connectivity or a powerful device to play. Plus they go easy on your battery, which is especially handy.

Here's a little list of top puzzle games to try in 2018. Dig in!

Dissembler – Cute, Neat, Free

Dissembler gameplay

Dissembler is a flamboyant and innocent-looking puzzle game. The idea is elementary: you just swipe some tiles and make them match each other by color. However, its simplicity is nothing but a distracting maneuver.

You will notice that the difficulty level relentlessly grows, as you progress through the game. But don't be discouraged, by the time you make it to the 50th level or so, you'll be nailing the Dissembler no sweat style.

The game has 120 levels in total - it will keep you busy for some time. And what's even better there are no additional thingies to buy in the game and no ads to bug you constantly.

Bridge Constructor Portal – The Fun isn't a Lie

Bridge Constructor Portal screen

Based on the Portal game series, Bridge Construct Portal turns the teleport-based gameplay into a bit chaotic, wacky and reckless fun.

Your objective is to take a certain vehicle through a test race, using whatever means it's possible to use. Portals, propulsion/repulsion substances - anything. Just make sure you avoid booby traps, pitfalls, and lasers that can vaporize your vehicle in a finger snap. All in all, there are 60 courses to beat. 

And like all Bridge Construct games, BCP has amazing physics to boast of.

The Room – Creepy and Hypnotizing

The Room screen

The Room isn't a single game - it's a whole series of pick-up-and-play mysteries for Android and iOS. Its looks are fabulous, to say the least. And also it provides you with amazingly intricate story-lines, captivating atmosphere and hours of very addictive gameplay. Hence its immense popularity - almost 12 million players.

The freshest iteration of the franchise is The Room: Old Sins. Its plotline is set around a scary little dollhouse that somehow caused the unexplainable disappearance of a genius engineer and his loving spouse. Be careful: the atmosphere of the game is so eerie, it may even give you chills occasionally.

Threes! – Think Like a Strategist

Threes! screenshot

Threes! is a neat little puzzle game, in which you're supposed to swipe numbers to get them matched. The catch is that as soon as you fill up the field, you'll run out of moves. No more moves means the game is over for you.

Yes, gameplay is basically eternal in Threes! 

To avoid distraction and retain sheer focus, it's recommended to buy the full version of the game. In case you don't feel like saying "goodbye" to $2.99, no one will blame you. But once you're out of re-starts, you'll have to sit through a chunk of ads to be able to play again. It's concept of strategizing refreshes your brains amazingly, by the way.

Two Dots – Simple & Complicated

Two Dots screenshot

Two Dots is the successor to the famous Dots puzzle game. In case you never played it, the task you must fulfill here is to connect the same-colored dots, as many as possible. Sounds like a piece of cake, right? Well, don't be hasty to judge this game by the first impression it gives you. Because it's deceptive. Two Dots is actually pretty challenging.

It has 1610 levels (!) and two modes to savor: from Expedition to the weekly Treasure Hunt, in which you can compete with other people online.

As for its looks - the game is clean and laconic. Two Dots is free from ads, which is very generous. And in case you get stuck in some very problematic level, you can always buy yourself a way out. But relying solely upon your skill is much more satisfying.

Monument Valley I & II – The Magical Mystery

Monument Valley screenshot

Monument Valley is one of the most original puzzle games in existence. It has stunning graphics, the atmosphere of a magical adventure, top-class sound effects and of course a lot of riddles to solve.

Ida, the game's central heroine, is trapped in a maze of magical structures. To help her get the freedom back, you're supposed to move/change those structures, a level after level. The mechanics aren't convoluted at all. In fact, the game feels highly intuitive, as you manipulate the structures, looking at things from a different angle each time.

Once you buy this mesmerizing adventure, you'll get an extra-chapter called "Ida's Dream" and "Forgotten Shores" that features 8 brand new stages. The sequel Monument Valley II is also available for downloading.

Brain It On – Brain it on, Tough Guy

Brain It On screenshot

Brain it On presents itself as a game, that stimulates unconventional thinking. And to say the truth it really does. In this puzzle game, based on physics, you need to find an original solution to beat every new level. In other words: think out of the box to succeed!

You need to draw various shapes - lines, circles, squares and so forth - to complete a level and move to the next one. The creativity and difficulty levels inevitably grow, as you keep on cracking puzzles. And the catch is that some levels set a limit of shapes to be drawn. And you have to obey it to earn three stars, otherwise, further levels might remain unlockable for you.

The replay value is immense here. In total there are 200 levels to be vanquished, and you'll have to return to some of them eventually.

The game has a collaborative mode and if you have some idle buddies nearby, feel free to join your forces.

GO Puzzle Games

Go puzzle games is a franchise launched by Square Enix. And its trademark gimmick is that well-known and even worshipped games with a huge cult-following get reincarnated in the GO series as turn-based puzzle games. At the moment we have 3 games, universes of which have been adapted to GO aesthetics:

1) Deus Ex.
2) Hitman.
3) Lara Croft.

The games will be a delicious treat for both casual players and the fans of the franchises. While the former will enjoy the perplexing riddles, the latter will savor their favorite titles reinvented.

As a part of the marketing program, all three games can be bought as a bundle at a lower price.

1) Deus Ex GO

Deus Ex GO screenshot

This puzzle saga has it all to convey the genuine spirit and atmosphere of its legendary cyberpunk prototype. You will get to enjoy:

  • Tons of hacking.
  • Mystery unraveling.
  • Time-limited riddle solving.
  • Top-class futuristic graphics.

And of course the notorious somber and oppressive anti-utopian atmosphere, which made Deus Ex stand out so much, is present here as well.

Up to now, Deus Ex GO has the most elaborate and captivating back-story. The level editor in which you can design your own stages and share them online with other players is a huge plus.

2) Hitman Go

Hitman Go screenshot

It was the GO franchise debut game, but still, it doesn't feel to be raw and remains quite entertaining.
Just like in its PC/console analogue, you play as Agent 47 whose primary objective is to eliminate a certain living target. And it's up to you only to decide how creative the assassination process should be.
You can:

  • Mask yourself.
  • Create distractions.
  • Do some sniping work.
  • Go in silent or loud etc.

In other words, it's almost the same good old Hitman we all cherish so much. And it's your choice what Hitman you're going to be today: devious and crafty or loud and reckless.
A special bonus for the long-time fans of Hitman: Silverballer pistol is still there. To let you have the dirty work done.

3) Lara Croft GO

Lara Croft GO screenshot

The puzzle game dedicated to the Tomb Raider managed to capture the spirit of the risky and audacious heroine. Lara Croft is very agile and swift, therefore the puzzles will require you to evade tricky pitfalls, lethal traps, and bloodthirsty foes.

The game is pretty vast with 6 chapters and 100 levels in total, the difficulty of which gradually grows as you progress. And when you put such engaging gameplay together with amazing visuals and believable sound design - the final mixture will be too tasty to be skipped.

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