You Got Only One Shot: The Best Chrome Plugins for Screenshots

You Got Only One Shot: The Best Chrome Plugins for Screenshots on Ifvcc Top Blog

At least once or twice everyone needs to take a clear, high-definition screenshot. But what if you need them frequently? Which tool would be the most trustworthy and efficient in such a case?

We have selected and tested the most popular extensions from the Chrome Web Store in order to bring you the Ultimate Top 5 plugins for taking screenshots.


Screencastify – Screen Video Recorder

Screencastify is a versatile and powerful plugin – it can videotape everything on your screen. It isn't limited just to the webpages open in your browser - it can also capture the activities on your desktop and webcam broadcasts. Screencastify's services are used by Sony, Yelp, Netflix, Spotify, and many others.   

To use it you'll need to complete 3 simple steps:

  • Signing in and giving permissions;
  • Selecting your occupation - student, government employee, etc;
  • Confirming that you're older/younger 13.

You can illustrate your videos with the recorded voice commentaries and use the mouse-arrow to highlight important sections/details.

Other features include:

  • Video cropping;
  • Drawing tools;
  • Pen for annotations;
  • Instant video saving to Google Drive;
  • Quick upload to YouTube;
  • Converting videos into MP4.

You can click on the plugin icon and customize it a bit. E.g., you can set the countdown to 3, 5 or 10 seconds, choose a bigger resolution and fps (60 fps max).

The free version supplies you with 50 videos per month, each 10 minutes long. It is pretty alluring, but some wouldn't like having the permanent Screencastify watermark on their videos.

The paid plan liberates you from it and also provides:

  • GIF as an option for converting;
  • Extended editing features;
  • No limit of videos per month with unlimited timing.

All this luxury will cost you $24 dollars annually.

Screencastify is the most powerful app for quick video-capturing of your screen.

Full Page Screen Capture – Shoot the Entire Pages

This plugin is as simple as a bean toast. After you add it to your Chrome, just click on it to capture the whole webpage. How long it'll take depends only on how big the page is. The tiny animated Pac-Man will show the progress and once you're done you can download the screenshot in PDF, JPEG or PNG files.

The PDF size is adjustable and you can select:

  • A4;
  • US letter;
  • US legal;
  • Full image format.

The plugin is 100% free and has no ads, banners or pop-ups.

FP Screen Capture is perfect for taking a full page screenshot, especially if you need it ASAP.

FireShot – Easy to Adjust

Unlike the previous plugin, FireShot can capture:

  • Full browser pages;
  • Visible areas;
  • Selected areas;

After that you can:

  • Gmail a screenshot;
  • Print it;
  • Save it in PDF, JPEG, GIF, BMP or PNG formats.

FireShot comes at no price. However, its Pro version has a few neat features:

  • OneNote compatibility;
  • Direct E-mailing;
  • Screenshot import to other editing apps;
  • VIP client-support status;
  • Key usable on 2 PC's/laptops.

The one-time payment is $59.95.

FireShot is a workhorse good for taking screenshots with humble, but decent functionality in the free version.

Awesome Screenshot – Pictures + Videos

Awesome Screenshot is a rare plugin that can both make high-quality screenshots in JPEG/PNG formats and videotape your screen.

It can capture:

  • Entire web pages;
  • Selected areas;
  • Your desktop;

Once the image is captured, you can use a rich repertoire of tools to edit/annotate it:

  • Changeable color palette;
  • 3 types of pointing arrows;
  • Pen;
  • Rectangle & eclipse frames;
  • Blur for protecting private info;
  • Highlighting brush;
  • Text;
  • Zoom in - 200% & zoom out - 25%;
  • Total undo button;
  • Cropping.

However, those are free features. Premium will allow you to use:

  • Callouts;
  • Emojis;
  • Pictures, etc.

Video capturing lasts for only 30 secs in the free version and includes voice recording and an unlimited countdown. Plus it captures both the browser pages and desktop. The plugin charges $19.99 per year.

Awesome Screenshot is truly awesome, but only when you agree to pay. The free version has a lot of discouraging restrictions.

Lightshot – Capture With Ease and Elegance

Lightshot is a free laconic plugin for screen-capturing. Once you left-click on its icon, it will create a duplicate of the visible part of the screen in a new tab. There you can crop the image and use extra features:

  • Pointing arrows;
  • Marker;
  • Rectangular frame;
  • Pencil;
  • Text;
  • Undo button.

And when the editing is over:

  • Search for an identical screenshot via Google;
  • Download the image in PNG format;
  • Print it;
  • Share it via social networks;
  • Upload it to

This extension has no unlockable VIP features, restrictions or ads.

Lightshot is an extremely austere and handy plugin. Its features are what you'll need most of the time.

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