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  • Last update: 28 Jun 2020
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Compatibility: Requires Android 7 or later.
  • Content rating: Rated for 16+
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Secret Neighbor Review

Secret Neighbor is a follow-up to the famous survival Hello Neighbor, an interquel set up after the first act. Now a group of kids enters the basement in the mysterious Neighbor’s house in search of their fellow. But one of the kids is a traitor. And it might be you.

Secret Neighbor Gameplay 4.5/5

So, the story is simple. Kids from the neighborhood are worried about their friend (the protagonist of Hello Neighbor), and they enter the neighbor’s house to look in the basement. Now they have to find the keys and reach the basement door to open it. The Neighbor, though, is aware of their plans. He is among the kids, pretending to be one of them and taking them out one by one.

What we loved in the first game was its shameless irrationality. The neighbor looked crazy enough to have literally anything in the house, from railways and escalators to fridges with almost magical abilities. Secret Neighbor adds even more devices, gadgets and portals to have the house like a crazy lab the kids enter. Having an adult disguised as a kid is okay in this universe.

There are various classes for kids, including Inventor – the one who can make simple gadgets out of details found around. Others are Scout (with a slingshot), Bagger (carrying more items than others), Detective (with an eye for keys), Brave (able to escape the Neighbor after being caught) and Leader (accelerating other children and incapacitating the Neighbor). As for the Neighbor, he can look like the closest child, set traps, or enter Rage. He can also look like a clown, with other abilities like pretending a furniture piece or incapacitating kids.

Secret Neighbor Graphics 5/5

Luckily, the developers decided to use most of the original graphics. The game is darker and grimmer than Hello Neighbor, but it uses the original interiors, the items look similar to what we have seen, and the colors and the lighting are similar too. It’s still a first-person 3D experience, and the world is now a bit tighter and smaller. But the Neighbor preserves his frightening style, so the game still has enough nightmare fuel.

Secret Neighbor Sounds 4.5/5

In this genre, sounds are critical, because they can tell even more than visuals about the approaching danger. There is even more to sounds in Secret Neighbor: they have to be distinct enough even when you’re chatting on the built-in voice chat with your team to sync your actions. So put your best headset on to listen and speak simultaneously.

Сontrols 5/5

The game is available for PC and Xbox One, so you can opt either for keyboard and mouse or for gamepad. Secret Neighbor controls repeat those of Hello Neighbor, and, to be honest, of most survival and exploration games. So if you have even a little experience, you’ll feel easy with whatever inputs you choose.

Replay Value 4/5

Though the idea is great, there are always killjoys around. Playing with your friends is fun, but when it comes to random teams, you can run into trolls who enter the game and leave, or teamers that suddenly team up with the Neighbor and take out everyone but their fellows, or other cheaters. It will be more fun with proper moderation.

In Conclusion

Despite some abuse in the community, it’s a decent game for fans, especially if you turn your raids into friendly talks and jokes. Visually it follows the original patterns and does it well. Random teaming has lots of issues sometimes, still being fun though.

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If you like the world of the Neighbor, this game is a must. There are too many inadequate players, but if you can ignore them, the collective raid is even more fun than a solo one.

Pros : The original cult visuals preserved;
Teamwork is done greatly;
The gameplay is inventive and fun;
Easy to master if you played Hello Neighbor;
Constant updates.

Cons : Too many trolls and abusers online;
Random teams are vulnerable due to this;
It’s never as mad as the first time.

Average :


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