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  • Last update: 05 May 2020
  • Version: 1.0.3
  • Compatibility: 2.3.3 and up
  • Author: Nozza
  • Content rating: Everyone
  • Package name: com.nozza.onet
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Onet Review

Onet is a Mahjong-like game with cute animals on cards. Take the two of them that can be connected to collect them. There are many types of animals, from cats, dogs, and seahorses to elephants and tigers. Your mission is to collect as many animal pairs as you can before the time is over.

How rich nature is in Indonesia! The developers must have been inspired by their surroundings when creating this game. It can be tricky to download Onet unless you’re in Indonesia. However, the.APK is available on various servers worldwide, so you can enjoy this time killer on your Android devices.

Graphics 4/5

Anyone who ever played Mahjong knows how important it is to tell tokens from each other at a glance, and it’s the trickiest part of its design. Though Onet utilizes different types of images, preferring to draw animals of different breeds, it may get hard to tell one from another, especially on small screen.

Size matters, though. As you try to launch the game on a tablet or on a 5.7-inch phone, it becomes much more playable. Maybe zooming could have helped this, but it’s absent in the game.

Gameplay 5/5

The principle of the game, as we have said, reminds of Mahjong, the game popular throughout Asia. This time, instead of traditional tokens, you handle tokens with different animal images. These can be elephants and frogs, cats and tigers, seahorses and octopuses, parrots and butterflies, and so on.

Your mission is to collect as many cards as you can before you run out of time. To collect the pair of cards, you must select the pair that can be connected by a line that bends no more than two times. These can be the cards that lie side by side, at the same edge of the board, or at angling edges. You can draw the line in mind, to see whether it satisfies the conditions, or try to tap one card after another and see whether it works.

Six times a game (at its easiest) you can shuffle the cards, nine times you can use a hint that highlights the matching cards.

The least funny thing is that the game is only available in Indonesian Bahasa. It’s easy to make out what’s on, but still, it may look unfamiliar to many players. Well, if the game is only available in Indonesia, then why should its developers worry?

Controls 4/5

The only action you need is tapping one card after another. It’s done easier, even on the phone with a small screen. Despite small card size, the app recognizes taps correctly.

The only flaw is, again, that the game isn’t translated into English, so you’ll have to guess what Indonesian word stays for loading a saved game, what for shuffling, and what for giving a hint. But finally, you’ll make it.

Replay Value 5/5

That’s where Mahjong-like puzzles are inexhaustibly deep. The game can generate combinations of various difficulties, plenty of them, so you’ll probably never run into a recurring one. And even if the game suddenly generates a layout it has once shown, chances are you don’t recollect it at all.

You may, though, get tired of this game very soon, especially if you’re playing it on a compact phone with 5” or smaller display.


This Onet review may be incomplete because it’s hard to explore its settings without speaking Bahasa. Regardless of how good the game is, usually we need some stronger motivation to learn a foreign language. Luckily, most of the gameplay requires no words at all, making it a pleasant meditative puzzle. The image language is international.

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If you do the tricks to download Onet from third-party sources, make sure the .APK contains no malware. And you’ll have a good game for relaxed meditation apart from the world.

Pros : Relaxed meditative gameplay (unless you care about the score);
Dynamic, fast gameplay (if you care about the score);
It’s another proof that pictographic language is universal.

Cons : The interface needs translation from Indonesian (unless you speak it or you’re good at guessing).

Graphics 4

Gameplay 5

Controls 4

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.5


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